Research & Internships in History

Research and Internships in History

If you would like to conduct original research or serve in a history-related internship, opportunities are available through the Department of History. If you are looking for history-related internship and job opportunities, we encourage you to visit the UC Davis Internship and Career Center.



You can pursue a research topic of your choosing by registering for History 103 with a Department of History professor of your choice. HIS 103 is a 4-unit class titled "Topics in Historical Research." Also consider checking out the History Honors Program if you are eligible.

Additional research opportunities and planning are available through the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Center.



Internships provide valuable experience in a particular job and potential employers get to know their employee, thus internships carry their own rewards. Students completing an Internship in History (HIS 192) will receive upper division credit toward graduation requirements (180 unit requirement) but will not receive credit toward the History major. Typically 1-2 units per quarter (on rare occasion up to 4 units) are given for internship credit. There is a 6-unit cap on total credits per student (across all quarters) granted for History internships. Please note, participation in the Washington Program or the UCCS program will not warrant additional units. 

To apply for an internship (after obtaining an internship offer from the employer), you need to do the following: 

  1. Complete the Application & Internship Plan (attached here).
    1. Once the forms are submitted to (or returned in person at 2216 Social Science & Humanities Building), a History Major Advisor will get the signatures for the faculty sponsor and provide the CRN if approved. 
  2. Internship sponsor evaluation due at the end of the quarter.
  3. Final 10-page paper/report submitted to the Chair of the Undergraduate Program (the faculty sponsor).
    1. Topic: discussion on the historical component of the internship sponsor.



Email our Advising team at for more information and support.